Organ, Resin, Soundscape, Tumbleweed, Speakers

This work plays on the concept of The Other in relation to sound, liturgy and space phenomena and grew from the recent discovery of Twin (Binary) Black holes at the heart of our closest galactic neighbour.  The pair likely fell into orbit around one another as a result of the merger between two galaxies, and together generate huge amounts of energy that causes the core of the host galaxy to outshine the rest of its stars.

Using a virtual photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin, unique Russian synthesizer ANS – sounds produced by the organ and sounds collected by the hubble telescope have been continually converted from sound to image (sonogram). This growing loop forms the main sonic structure and serves as a small tribute to William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops

The voices and text embedded within this evolving loop are taken from a traditional Latin Requiem Mass, also known as a Black Mass due to the colour of the robes worn by the clergy. Satanic cultures also refer to the Black Mass, a ceremony whereby the traditional form and text of the Requiem is inverted.